Monday, September 8, 2014

Homework for 4Varrin

November 16, 2017      

             Homework 4Varrin
Reading: Reading Logs were given out today they are DUE:  Friday, November 17th . 
Students must read no less than 25 min. each day for 5 days.  No less than 125 minutes and 5 days will be accepted.

Spelling:   Spelling Lesson 9  Pages 56-58 
DUE:  Friday
List, scroll at the bottom.  Pretest will be given on Monday.
Spelling Lesson 9 For Monday November 13th
night dry mighty tie
fight flight might die
spy midnight tonight supply
lightning reply highway high
deny bright sight

Math:    EMD wb pg 46  Due:  Friday  Mad Min.

English:  pg 30-31 Due:  Tuesday TEST Tues.


Social Studies: