Monday, September 8, 2014

Homework for 4Varrin

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to fourth grade!  I hope your summer was fun and you had an awesome adventure, whether it was going someplace special or reading a good book.  Fourth grade is a challenging and growing year for your child. It is filled with excitement and new responsibilities. I thought I would share some helpful items that will aide you and your child during this year.
      Fourth grade is a year of transition.  Each child needs to be prepared and organized for the school year.  Below you will find a list of items that will be helpful for your child to have.  Each child will receive an ASSIGNMENT HOMEWORK BOOK from me so please do not purchase one.  
·                  A 1 ½ to 2 inch binder
·                  1 pair of scissors
·                  1 pencil box, bag, or supply holder with their name on it.
·                  A large glue stick
·                  1 set of colored pencils
·                  1 set of thin colored markers
                      * 6-10 #2 pencils with erasers
·                  A pencil sharpener
·                  1 package of cap erasers
·                  1 Protractor
The class can always use the following items:
*Cleaning Wipes (Ex. Clorox, Lysol, or any brand),
                Hand Sanitizer, and boxes of tissues.
                          Any donations are greatly appreciated!
Again, I am looking forward to an exciting year with you and your child.  If you have any questions feel free to write me an email at  You can also find this letter at

                 Mrs. Stephanie Varrin